Hydrocarbon Analysis and Detection


The hydrocarbon log is one of the most important sources of subsurface information, requiring accurate and experienced gathering of data. For that reason, it is important to use a company whose major emphasis has been to acquire qualified, professional personnel and to maintain modern, dependable equipment.

Mud Logging

Wildcat Well Logging offers unmanned, basic, extended, and full two man service.

  • Continuous gas monitoring on mud or air systems.
  • Chromatograph analysis of total gas (C1 to C5).
  • Lithology identification and complete description.
    • Includes show characteristics such as visual porosity, stain, fluorescence, and cut.
    • Lithology is plotted on log using two columns, interpretive and percentage.
  • Connection and Trip gas labeling.
  • New and old bit information, including type, footage, and total hours run recorded on log.
  • Rig mechanics, such as Weight on Bit recorded on log.
  • Mud data recorded on log.
  • Lag calculation and correction, gas readings and samples lagged to correct depth.
  • Penetration rate, plotten in minutes / ft.
  • Log of all data listed above sent to client and partners on a daily basis.
    • Detailed log to be plotted on a 5"=100' scale and strip log to be plotted on a 1"=100' or 2"=100' scale as requested.
  • Complete morning reports communicated to the client immediately containing all pertinent well conditions and evaluations of each hydrocarbon show.
  • Show analysis reports called to the operator at a time specified by the client.


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